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If you’re planning to embark on a rewarding professional experience in Bali, choosing the right accommodation is one of the most critical steps in your preparation. Whether you’re an intern seeking adventure, tranquility, international connections, or a deep immersion into Balinese culture, Bali offers a plethora of accommodation options to cater to every preference and budget. We will guide you through the various accommodation possibilities so you can choose the one that perfectly suits your internship stay in Bali. Get ready to uncover the island’s hidden gems while finding your home away from home.

1. Guesthouses

An Authentic Immersion

Guesthouses, or “losmen” in Indonesian, are small family-run inns, providing lodging for travelers. Guesthouses can vary in size, ranging from simple family accommodations to smaller, more formal establishments.

 Generally, guesthouses offer a warmer and more personalized experience compared to larger hotels. They may be located in local neighborhoods, providing visitors with a more authentic immersion into the daily life of the area. Rooms can be single or double, and facilities vary, but they often include common areas where guests can relax, meet, and interact with other travelers. It’s a popular option for those seeking a more friendly and affordable accommodation in Bali.

2. Private villas

 Luxe Balinese Living at Its Finest

For those seeking an unforgettable vacation experience, Bali’s private villas stand out as a top choice. These luxurious residences elevate the stay by providing complete privacy amidst lush surroundings. Many feature stunning infinity pools, exotic gardens, and attentive full-service staff, ensuring a truly indulgent getaway.

Bali’s private villas are particularly well-suited for families or groups of friends desiring not only the comforts of home but also a heightened level of seclusion. With spacious living areas, well-appointed bedrooms, and often bespoke amenities, these villas offer a tranquil retreat that goes beyond the typical vacation stay. Whether you’re unwinding by your private pool or enjoying the services of dedicated staff, Bali’s private villas create a perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and exclusivity for an unparalleled vacation experience.

3. Hotels

Cosy or luxury

Hotels in Bali cater to a diverse range of preferences, offering everything from budget-friendly accommodations to world-renowned 5-star resorts. Whatever your travel style, Bali has an array of options to suit every taste.

For those seeking a more affordable stay, budget-friendly hotels provide comfortable lodgings without compromising on essential amenities. These options are ideal for travelers who prioritize exploration and adventure over lavish accommodations.

On the other end of the spectrum, Bali boasts some of the world’s most luxurious 5-star resorts. These establishments redefine opulence, featuring extravagant swimming pools, rejuvenating spas, gourmet restaurants serving delectable cuisine, and rooms adorned with the finest furnishings. Many of these high-end resorts are nestled in idyllic locations, providing guests with breathtaking ocean views and serene surroundings.

Whether you’re on a quest for adventure or in pursuit of unparalleled luxury, Bali’s diverse range of hotels ensures that every traveler finds their perfect haven. From the budget-conscious to those seeking the epitome of indulgence, the island offers a delightful spectrum of accommodations to enhance your Bali experience.”

4. Surf Camps

Surfers’ Paradise

If the rhythm of the ocean and the thrill of catching the perfect wave speak to your soul, then Bali’s surf camps offer an idyllic haven for your passion. Immerse yourself in the world of surfing with these specialized camps that cater to surfers of all levels. From novices eager to catch their first wave to seasoned riders seeking the ultimate breaks, Bali’s surf camps provide an immersive experience like no other. 

Beyond the waves, these camps offer comprehensive lessons taught by experienced instructors, ensuring that your skills progress with each tide. Whether you’re a beginner honing your technique or an advanced surfer aiming to conquer new challenges, Bali’s surf camps are equipped to elevate your surfing prowess.

 Surrounded by like-minded individuals, you’ll find camaraderie, share stories of epic rides, and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Bali’s surf culture. As the sun sets on another day in paradise, the surf community comes together, fostering an atmosphere of relaxation and celebration. Whether you’re savoring the local cuisine, sharing tales of your surfing adventures, or simply unwinding on the beach, Bali’s surf camps offer an unparalleled blend of excitement, learning, and the undeniable charm of the island’s surf culture.

5. Hostels

Traveling on a Budget

Hostels in Bali are the perfect haven for budget-conscious travelers seeking an affordable yet vibrant accommodation experience. Offering a choice between communal dormitories and private rooms, these hostels cater to a range of preferences while ensuring rates remain budget-friendly. 

Dormitories, adorned with lively atmospheres, present an opportunity for travelers to connect with a global community of like-minded individuals. It’s an environment where stories are shared, friendships are forged, and the collective spirit of adventure thrives.

For those desiring a bit more privacy, private rooms are available at remarkably reasonable rates. This option provides a comfortable retreat, ensuring a restful night’s sleep without compromising your budgetary constraints. Beyond merely being a place to rest your head, hostels in Bali often serve as hubs for social activities and cultural exploration. Many hostels organize group outings, cultural events, and communal meals, making it easy for solo travelers to form connections and embark on shared adventures. Embrace the affordability, connect with fellow travelers, and let the communal spirit of Bali’s hostels enhance your journey through this enchanting destination.

6. Eco-lodges 

For Nature Enthusiasts

If you’re yearning for a deeper connection with nature, consider eco-lodges as your environmentally conscious retreat. Tucked away in the heart of Bali’s lush jungle, these accommodations provide a distinctive and sustainable haven for those who cherish the natural world. Eco-lodges go beyond mere shelter; they are a commitment to responsible travel. Constructed with minimal environmental impact, these lodgings often integrate seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Solar power, rainwater harvesting, and locally sourced materials are just a few eco-friendly practices that contribute to their sustainable ethos.

Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of the jungle, awaken to the calls of exotic birds, and experience a genuine communion with Bali’s biodiversity. Whether you’re nestled in a treehouse canopy or enjoying the panoramic views from a bamboo bungalow, eco-lodges offer an unparalleled escape into the heart of nature.


Rental Terms 

It is important to note that many accommodations in Bali do not require a formal rental agreement. This may seem unusual to travelers accustomed to more structured procedures, but it is common practice on the island.

Payments vary according to the type of accommodation. Hotels and resorts generally require payment in advance when booking online, while private villas and guesthouses may have more flexible payment policies. It is advisable to check payment terms before booking.

If you rent a private villa, it’s common practice to pay a deposit. This is usually refunded at the end of your stay, subject to inspection of the villa for any damage.

How to book your accommodation 

There are several ways to find and book accommodation in Bali:

Booking Websites: Most interns book their accommodation in Bali through reservation platforms such as, Agoda, Airbnb, or Expedia. These platforms offer a wide variety of options and allow you to read reviews from other travelers.

Direct Communication with the Host: A beneficial way to find accommodation at the best price is to communicate directly with the property owner via WhatsApp. You can ask any questions you have and even visit the accommodation if you are already in the area. 

To sum up, Bali provides a multitude of accommodation possibilities for all types of travelers. However, it is essential to understand the specific conditions of each accommodation, as they can vary significantly. Conduct thorough research, read reviews, and make sure you fully comprehend the payment and rental terms before booking your stay.

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