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Bali is known for its breathtaking beaches, lush green rice paddies, and stunning temples. However, there are many alternative places in Bali that are equally (if not more) deserving of attention. Exploring these hidden gems can give travellers a unique perspective on the island and provide an escape from the crowds and tourists. At Bali Work Group, we always encourage our interns to visit these hidden sites for a more unique and authentic experience. In this blog post, we will share some of Bali’s lesser-known treasures.

Bias Tugel Beach: Hidden Beach Paradise

Despite its beauty, Bias Tugel Beach remains relatively undiscovered and is often overlooked by tourists in favor of more famous Bali beaches such as Kuta and Seminyak. However, those who take the time to venture to Bias Tugel Beach will be rewarded with a tranquil and serene environment. The beach is nestled in a small cove and is surrounded by towering cliffs that provide a sense of seclusion and privacy. The water is calm and clear, with a gentle current that makes it ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

source: the bali bible

The Village of Penglipuran: A Traditional Balinese Village

This traditional Balinese village is known for its unique architecture, lush greenery, and a strong sense of community. It’s a great destination for travellers seeking a more authentic and less touristy experience in Bali. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be struck by the village’s beauty and tranquillity. The streets are lined with traditional Balinese homes, each with its own ornate gate, and the surrounding countryside is filled with rice paddies and coconut groves. Another great feature of Penglipuran village is its proximity to other natural attractions in the area. You can visit nearby temples and waterfalls, or take a hike through the lush countryside to see more of the natural beauty of Bali.

Bukit Asah Bugbug: For Stunning Sunsets and Sunrises

Bukit Asah Bugbug is a hidden gem located in East Bali. It’s a scenic viewpoint that offers panoramic views of the ocean and the surrounding landscape. It’s a great place to watch the sunrise or sunset. This scenic viewpoint is situated in the village of Bugbug, Karangasem, and can be accessed by a winding road that leads up to the hilltop. The journey itself is an adventure, passing through quaint villages, lush green hills, and terraced rice paddies. On a clear day, you can even see Mount Agung, Bali’s highest mountain, looming in the distance.

Photo by: Aldi Sujaya

Yeh Leh Beach: A Natural Beauty.

Yeh Leh Beach is a beautiful and secluded beach located in the eastern part of Bali, Indonesia. This stunning beach is known for its crystal-clear waters, white sand, and tranquil atmosphere. It’s a great destination for travelers seeking a peaceful and secluded escape from the crowds and chaos of Bali’s more popular beaches. The water is so clear that you can see the colourful fish swimming beneath the surface. Yeh Leh Beach offers a unique and rugged landscape that differs from the typical image of a soft white sand beach. The shoreline is comprised of thousands of boulders that have been smoothed by the waves over time, with some covered in algae and others washed clean.

source: the bali bible

In conclusion, you should really take the time to visit these less touristy places in Bali, as these offer a glimpse into the authentic and unspoiled beauty of Bali and allow you to avoid crowds. Visiting these hidden gems can often require some effort and a willingness to explore beyond the beaten path, but the rewards are well worth it. If you come as an intern, Bali Work Group will make sure to let you know the best-kept secrets for an unforgettable and authentic Balinese experience!

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