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Inside Greta’s experience in Bali

After contacting Bali Work Group, Greta, a 21-year-old Italian, flew to Bali for her 2nd-year internship. Greta is studying Corporate Communication and Public Relations at the University of Milan and spent 2 months in a photography studio as an internal communications officer. Back in Italy, here’s what Greta wanted to share about her experience in Bali:

Bali Work Group is an amazing company that guides you for real in whatever you need to succeed in your internship!

I was browsing on LinkedIn looking for an Internship in Bali and the company that really caught my attention was Bali Work Group.

The team really supports you in all the stages: before your application, within all the details and any kind of support you need before reaching Bali.

This experience was challenging and kept me motivated to always do a step forward during the two months I spent on the island: travelling far away from home is not a piece of cake, but it is the best way to go out there to discover the world, but most importantly yourself.

Bali is not just a piece of Heaven on heart, but also an amazing island where to work and to meet people from all around the world. The atmosphere that surrounds the island makes you forget the meaning of “stressed out”. The Island of Gods is the right place where to experience a new work environment with dynamic work modalities, to learn how to deal with different nationalities and to always feel extremely, completely, tremendously happy.

One of the best memories that always comes up to my mind when I think about this once-in-a-lifetime adventure is how I celebrated the day of my birthday.

Since it was Monday, I was at work: everything was chilled, I just had to accomplish a few tasks that I started working on the previous week.

A colleague of mine made me go to another room to ask me some advice to change the design of the room: I was completely shocked because I wasn’t in charge of that (probably I wasn’t the best person to give such advice). All of this made me suspect: I thought something weird was going on. After a few minutes, I went back to the office and in all of a sudden, I saw all the colleagues signing out loud “Happy Birthday” to me: one of them was holding an amazing cake all covered by sweet decorations.

I have never felt so lucky before: I was on a magical island, celebrating my twenty-first birthday with my new friends.

I would like to end up my two cents with some advice for new interns that will live this marvelous trip.

For the future interns: there are many places to see and to wander, but the most enjoyable thing you can do is letting yourself immerse in the Balinese culture and try to follow your will every single day without making too many plans.