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Slight through our different volunteering programs to find the experience you’re looking for!

Animals Volunteering

Animal volunteering abroad is the perfect opportunity for animal lovers who wish to do good while travelling!

Animal and wildlife volunteer work is not easy, but it can be extremely fulfilling.

Endangered exotic species, street dogs, neglected horses, wildlife, and marine animals are all in need of protection throughout Indonesia. 

Community Project Volunteering

Participate in community projects to immerse yourself in a new culture and meet local people while doing something meaningful.

Make a positive impact on people’s lives while joining other international volunteers.

If you have strong communication skills and enjoy interacting with people, working in social and community development is perfect for you

Environmental Volunteering

Volunteering in the environmental field allows you to protect our environment both above and below the waterline.

If you enjoy being outside and working with your hands, our environment protection projects are ideal for you!

Humanitarian AID Volunteering

Volunteering with children is a good way to help those in need while also learning about another culture.

You will get the opportunity to volunteer in kindergartens and daycare institutions for children from low-income families who cannot afford childcare.

You’ll play with the kids, help feed them, and look after their basic needs.

Sports Volunteering

You enjoy sports and want to integrate it with your travels?

Come volunteer in Indonesia to teach children your favorite sports and pass on your passion, whether it’s soccer, basketball, dance or surfing.