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Bali is known for its beauty and culture, but it is also facing many challenges such as environmental degradation, over-tourism, and economic inequality. By contributing to the community while interning in Bali, you can help address these challenges and create a better future for the island and its people. As an intern in Bali, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact while gaining valuable professional experience. Here are three ways in which you can help:

Volunteer with Local Organizations

There are many local organizations in Bali that are dedicated to promoting sustainable development, protecting the environment, and improving the lives of local communities. These also often rely on volunteers to support their programs and initiatives. Look for organizations that align with your interests and skills, and consider volunteering your time and expertise. An additional advantage of doing this is that you will meet new people that share your interests and concerns. Some examples of organizations in Bali include environmental conservation groups, orphanages, and community development organizations. Find more organizations and initiatives to support in our Instagram guide. 

Support local businesses

Supporting local businesses is another way to help the community while interning in Bali. By choosing to shop and eat locally, you can help support the local economy and contribute to job creation. Local businesses often prioritize sustainability and social responsibility, making them a great choice for conscious consumers. Moreover, supporting local businesses can help foster a sense of community and pride in the local area, further enhancing your experience in the island. And finally, local businesses often provide more authentic cultural experiences than larger, more touristy companies, making them a better choice for preserving local traditions and customs.

Participate in Community Events and Beach Cleanups

Participating in community events is another way to engage with the local community and contribute to its vibrancy. Look for events such as cultural festivals, music concerts, or art exhibitions and attend them. You can also participate in beach cleanups organized by local organizations or simply take the initiative to clean up the trash on your own. SungaiWatch helps to protect local waterways and supports community efforts to clean up and protect the environment. Beach cleanups help remove harmful pollution from the ocean and the shoreline. This can help protect marine life and reduce the amount of plastic and other debris that ends up in our oceans. This can be a great way to make a tangible impact on the environment while also engaging with the local community. Learn more about their mission and engagement on their website and follow their Instagram page to stay updated on cleaning days.

Image from: SungaiWatch

Make a positive impact on the local community and environment!