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We will automatically send the application form 3 months before your arrival date.

What kind of visa?

The Offshore B211B E-visa is intended for individuals who plan to visit Indonesia for an internship.

The B211B Internship visa is valid upon arrival in Indonesia for 60 days. The intern will be sponsored by their Host Company.

Once the offshore B211B visa expires, the intern needs to apply for an extension visa, which will allow them to renew their stay for two additional 60-day periods, totaling 180 days of stay.

When should I apply?

Once delivered, you will have 90 days to enter the country before your visa expires. Therefore, it is preferred to start applying 2-3 months before your arrival on the Indonesian territory.

When your application is processed through the immigration office, you can expect the Visa to be delivered between 5 – 14 working days.

You do not require to collect the Visa in person at the Indonesian Embassy. You will use your e-Visa to enter Indonesia.

What is a visa extension?

Your initial B211B Offshore e-visa is only valid for a period of 60 days after arrival on the Indonesian territory.

You will thus have to extend your stay by applying for a visa extension.

Again, this visa is issued for an extra 60 days period in Indonesia and can be extended 2 times for 60 days each time.

  • 2 months internship = B211B Offshore e-visa (60 days)
  • 3-4 months internship = B211B Offshore e-visa (60 days) + 60 days extension
  • 5-6 months internship = B211B Offshore e-visa (60 days) + 60 days extension + 60 days extension

How much cost the B211A Visa?

Disclaimer: Prices are variable and subject to change as per the current exchange rate or in immigration laws.

  • Offshore B211B Visa = 5.500.000 IDR
  • Onshore B211B Visa (for each extension) = 2.500.000 IDR

All visa expenses are to be paid directly to our legal partner.

The visa cost is not included in our package fees.